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8 глава Апельсинового крема)

Наслаждаемся чтением и не забываем благодарить переводчика SONG (Екатерина Бэк), который трудится над этим проектом) :kiss:

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Апельсиновый крем


  1. Hello Admin69, sorry but i dindn’t know how to contact you. I’m not russian and the translation of Google sucks so sorry if i posted wrong. Well, i saw you are translating our italian manga and that you didn’t put the credits with the link of the blog. Can you please put it in the future translations? Ah, sorry for the quote, i didn’t know how to delete it

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  2. Thank you very much Admin69!!! :heart:
    Are you serious? Where can i find the other teams that are translating it? Can you give me the names or something?
    Our staff is happy if this manga novel likes to ppl but we just wanna have the credits.
    So, thank you very much, you’re really a nice person! :applause:

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